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  1.  Kanchan Ji
    Star of  Doordarshan TV, India.
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  2. Ali Sabri Saki Bollywood Motion Picture Music Composer

    It is indeed my pleasure to introduce a talented singer-writer like Kanchan JiHer captivating melodious voice and love-lyrics have mesmerized audiences in Canada, U.S.A. and India, many many times.  I always look forward to her new creations whenever she visits Mumbai.  But my deepest desire is to hear her sing my compositions. 

    Kanchan Ji has a crystalline voice full of wonderful shadings that sets her apart in today's  over hyped song market.  She is a true singer and not just a studio act.  Her music skillfully incorporates best of East and West and, of course, is full of songs about romance, love and life.  She blends the clean lines of a pure voice like Lata Mangeshkar, but with the sweet, more earthly tones of the blues, giving her singing a sturdy backbone.  This enjoyable CD shows off  her range.  My Vagabond Heart is a R.and B. rouser that gives Kanchan Ji a chance to blend her training in light classical music with American hip-hop.  In her songs, her true feelings flutter out like a swarm of butterflies.  Not only she sings the soul-soothing songs with the thrilling impact, she  also  writes  her own  vocals.    

    Ali Sabri Saki Motion Picture Music Composer

    Mumbai, India



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